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OMG, the news was making the rain all dramatic, what with their "will we ever see the sun again?"
lmao, those dumb news people were like: "er.....apparently we read the chart wrong. It was really purple instead of red...."

How did you get sick again Undrtakr?
Well I have severe allegies, and it congested my nose. SO all night I could only breathe through my mouth and it dried it out, and got infected or something, now it was sore. But its better now

Oh, I watched "Family Guy" the other night. It was where they went to the brewery and it was like Willy Wonka? It was funny.
Yeah, lol, they was making fun of willy wonka. Those umpa lumpa were crazy, lol

Here is something I whipped up for 2nite.
OMG, that is Hawt!!
bling bling =(
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