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Originally Posted by Le Galois
Tell you the truth I didn't really bother to read any part of this thread (already know about G.W. from my own personel research or school). When I was living in Alaska, G.W. warming was very noticable. What was also noticable was the effect Il Nino had on the weather. Normally it would snow in late Sept. Early Oct. For about the past 5 years now the weather in the winter has steadily raised, snow would fall later in the year and such phenomonan as thunder were I used to live (I had a huge moutain range in my back yard and thunder may have occured maybe once every few years).
If you read the thread, you will see me discussing the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. That is the main affect for climate change in Alaska/B.C.
This is pure trance energy right from the mind.
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