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Default Considering gastric bypass? Please read...

if u or someone u know is cosidering gastric bypass surgery (stomach stapling) please consider the extreme danger in this surgery.

on Jan. 5 2005, my aunt had gastric bypass surgery at one of the best bariatric weight-loss centers in the country. the best possible doctor, the best possible care. because of the variable reactions the body may have to the procedure, recovery is not always possible. my aunt's intestine never completely closed itself up after the stitches. she was bedridden month after month in that hospital.

22 surgeries, several infections, and 15 months later, her kidneys just couldn't take it anymore. i saw her for the last time on Tuesday, March 14. on Wednesday March 15, she died. she left behind 2 kids.

i posted this thread to make everyone aware that this surgery is not a good solution unless absolutely necessary. a person still has to change their eating and exercise habits for the surgery to be successful. if at all possible, stick to a natural weight-loss plan: dieting and exercise.

R.I.P. Debbie
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