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Originally Posted by carminemg
could you also reco. a HD for me? im looking for 30GB
where did you get your deal from?
Are you really looking for 30GB? Do you mean 300? I recently bought an internal Seagate Ultra ATA/100 7200 RPM 8MB Cache for $100 after $80 in rebates from Circuit City. It works great and took 20-30 minutes to install and format with no problems.,627,00.html

I chose this drive because my MoBo doesn't support newer connections like SATA and PATA, and this is one of the best IDE HDs you can get. You should ask yourself: "Do I really need an external HD?" because an internal HD is simpler in the long run, even if installation takes a few more minutes and a bit more reading.
So... ummmm.... ya....

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