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Originally Posted by wavesound
Actually, the listener counts are off for all of our streams because our donated bandwidth provider is having some technical difficulties with their systems. As for the content, we felt that merging the two stations reflected the current trends of modern hard style dance music. Unfortunately hard dance music is not my specialty so, as kra-z mex said, you'll have to wait for DJ Irish to chime in for a more specific answer.
Maybe the listener count is off of the main site, but they are displayed very nicely through the "Recent Playlist History" link of each stream. They do seem to work normally all around the other streams? Trance in the 300's, Gabber in the 50'ies and so on? Seems like the normal numbers to me?

It would, from my point of view, have been a good idea if you (DI) had polled the audience before the merger instead of making an executive decision. A drop in the ratings would imply that you made the wrong one. "Trends" is not what people likes, but what some high-'n-mighty music critic thinks. That much is obivious through the ratings.

People come to DI for specific styles, not blended with eachother. That's how DI got so popular to begin with. We could tune in and listen to what nobody else played because there where no money in it for them. It where kept seperate. Here we could gather, from across the world, us few that liked the specific genres, listen to it, talk about it. Now we can't, and all because of some "trend" we have to honor? People have fled from this trend, but still you insist?

Originally Posted by kra-z mex
If you have any problems with the Hard Dance channel talk to DJ Irish
Thanks, I had a feeling it was Irish...

I'll see if Irish replies to this thread, or if I have to contact him myself...
I really do miss the time when there was a "Hard House" channel and a "Hard Trance" channel, seperate from each other. Then you always could tune in to the other channel to avoid the mushy, mislabled stuff...

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