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Thank you for answering to this thread

I'll be responding to points in your answer individually.
Originally Posted by Johan (DJ Irish)
First of all: The listener counts are way off for the public streams. The listener counts for our free streams are provided by our bandiwdth donors and lately they have had a lot of issues on their end screwing up those numbers. As it isn't really our badnwidth we don't have access to anything and thus can't do anything but wine and ask them to fix it.

Trust me, Hard Dance Channel is still pulling in 700-1000 people during prime time each day. We are still seeing increases on alla channels every month. Perhaps not as much increase as a year ago but we are definitely not getting less listeners.
What is different from the numbers that I can see for myself, and the ones you have? How can you(DI) see how many listeners there are, if you can't get reliable numbers from your suppliers? How is the information you have obtained different from the information I gathered for myself, and why have you not made this information public if you have it? It seems odd to me that you have the information, but choose to not share it with the audience. You tell me that this is how it is, but you leave me no way of finding the info myself. I can only shrug and accept the fact, eventhough it seems a bit odd.

Originally Posted by Johan (DJ Irish)
With regards to the merger of the Hard House channel and The Hard Trance channel, that happened for a number of reasons. First of all was the big overlap in styles that appeared on both channels. It started to feel quite redundant and by merging the two channels we could free up resources for channels that were added shortly after and also make it easier to manage. Plus, with the emerging styles of UK Hard Trance, Tech-Trance and Hard Style it really made a lot of sense to have one channel dedicated to all the harder sounds than split them up in a number of small channels with hardly no variation and probably only a few listeners per channel. The name Hard Dance was chosen because we simply didn't know what else to call the channel.
If this is the case, why have you not merged "Gabber" with HardDance already? That channel also spins the genre known as "Hardstyle" as part of it's repetoire, and one should think, given your sentiments, that it would 'highten' quality if you did so. To me, hard house and hard trance are as different as dog and cat. I have no trouble mixing those two into the same channel - actually, as a great fan of hardstyle, I applaud it! But generic trance (Gielen, Tiesto, Blank&Jones, etc.) just have no place with the hard stuff. As you yourself stated, it was a merger done to collect the harder styles in one channel, and it therefore seems odd that you would throw in some standard, generic trance into the pool. You argue that it now is easier to maintain a clean and wellkept channel. I hope you don't have the illusion that the audience is pleased? Else you better look at the forum-responses to the music. IF anyone comments on the music, it's seldomly posetive (my experience of it anyway). And the name? Well, there are some that now thinks that the style rotated on "HardDance" actually is the name of the genre - that hurts the music. I have no problem with it, as long as people are made aware of the different styles played on the channel...

Originally Posted by Johan (DJ Irish)
So, this was not a decision made out of cost awereness or trend follwing. We felt we could provide a better service by doing this and thus be able to present more styles to the people.

We are actually trying hard to diversify the channel with all these styles so everybody has something to enjoy. We are always hunting new material and shows. The shows we got today represents Hard Style, Hard Trance, Tech-trance and many of them features hard house tracks on regular basis.
Diversity is something I thought DI was trying to obtain through keeping genres apart from eachother in channels dedicated to music of a specific origin? Mixing the genres only confuses the audience, it doesn't give them the full picture of the music, only the sound of it, somehting I think you(Johan (DJ Irish)) as a DJ can understand and agree with me on. Some don't care, but I do... If it came out of cost-awareness or not, I don't really care. You can make all the cost-specific changes you want, as long as you deliver a decent product (not really a product, but I don't know what else to call it). Right now you don't 'deliver', as far as I'm concerned.

Originally Posted by Johan (DJ Irish)
My only gripe with the channel is that it's hard to find quality stuff, even though I have all these genres to choose from, thus making the track updates way too far inbetween. I apologise for that but have tried to compensate with a lot of new mixes and shows instead.
Quality? I'm only into the hardhouse, hardtrance stuff, but I'll be happy to throw names on good DJs (ex. Pavo, Dana, Lady Tom, etc.), specific titles, radiostations for inspiration (ex. "FreshFM") and other stuff your way. I know next to nothing of legal rights and the other stuff concerning a fullblown radiostation, but I do know my music.

All in all, I've found myself rarely tuning in to as of late. Right now, I check the boards, load the streams and see if I like what is played, and move on. I don't tend to linger as much as I used to. Why? The music on is now being treated like on any pop-radiostation spinning "50cent" next to "BlackEyed Peas". The genres don't mix, but that isn't even a concern for the management, only the profit turned (I take that to be the reason for DIs shift in policy). I, for one, think that's sad. It destroys music, something the entire station build it's name and reputation on.

It seems course and heading have shifted on this boat, and I just want to know if we're heading towards and iceberg or if it's just a storm.

Again, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions
I really do miss the time when there was a "Hard House" channel and a "Hard Trance" channel, seperate from each other. Then you always could tune in to the other channel to avoid the mushy, mislabled stuff...
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