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Default It's a work in progress, I know, but...

Wow, that was fast.

Ok, so nobody can rely on the numbers. That's fair Hope you get it fixed.

I've seen "Blank&Jones - Cream (DuMonde mix)" (atleast I remember it as a Dumonde) in the channel rotation, and I was baffled. I've seen Psy. Trance, and some more ("soft")trance that people responded to in a negative way. That is what I base my observations on. I normally only comment on what strikes a discord in my ear, or what I think is "top notch", so that may be the reason for my experience. Seeing your postcount being higher than mine (quite a bit) you've propably seen more (good and bad) than I have, so maybe I'm off on that point. Though it's not by personal experience, I'll take your word for it.

Hehe... How come I only mention hardstyle DJs? I'm listening to some right now, and just took a quick peek at my "HardHouse Generation" collection. I take it that you would like names more like Dj Vince "The Vinyl Master" or Ghost? Marco V? Well I'll rattle off a few names there too if you want. They where examples only, just like these, but sure, I'll play along...

I know that some Hardstyle is in rotation, and I would (ofcourse) like more of it, but if no more hardstyle is to enter rotation (percentage-wise), I can live with that. I also need to expand my horizon once in a while... I just hope you have luck in weeding out the stuff that other channels already have in rotation.

I figured as much as "HardDance" was here to stay. I think you(DI) made a mistake in this case, you don't - that's not gonna' change, I know. I just wanted to voice some concerns and critizism of the newly established channel, so you knew what, at least some of, the audience was thinking.

I know you are busy, both working for DI and making more (I hope?) of those kick*** sets I've heard from your hand, so I really appreciate you taking the time for this. And I agree with you that, in a set, different genres can take it even further towards the roof, though I feel that the "hardness" of the channel is somewhat tainted by "softness" at present.

I'll stick around, hoping to see a hardstyle channel in the future, and I wish you the best of luck with shaping HardDance channel into something we can all enjoy. Right now I don't like it, but that's the reason for all the critizism. How are you gonna' make everybody happy if they don't tell you what they think?

I'll be supporting DI until the day DI no longer care about the listeners. The lenght of your response, and the fact that you took the time has proven that, at least some at DI, are still "fighting the good fight". Thank you.
I really do miss the time when there was a "Hard House" channel and a "Hard Trance" channel, seperate from each other. Then you always could tune in to the other channel to avoid the mushy, mislabled stuff...

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