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Originally Posted by giorgakis
Let me add some other reasons

5. Little respect for human rights
6. Cyprus problem (Turkey doesn't want to recognize and open its ports and airports to Cyprus,an existing member of EU)
7. Besides the political government there is also the Military which has much more power than it should have.
8. If Turkey becomes a EU member it will be one of the biggest members(in terms of population) and at the same time the poorest.
9. Too many unsolved problems with neighbour countries (Greece,Cyprus, Kurds...)
I was hinting at #5 w/ #3 and #8 w/ #4. #6 and #9 are the same. I don't think #7 is really an issue, but I could be wrong. Turkey's main problem at the moment is that 1/4 of its population is under the age of 15, and it is not developing fast enough to accomidate the new workforce = mass unemployment. As a sidenote, because people are trying to get jobs, they are becomming better and better educated. So the mass unemployment has led to a very educated public. But it's sad when people with master's degrees are left without a job.

HudsonHawk, thanks for adding SOOO much to this discussion.
So... ummmm.... ya....

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