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I just Love the KneeCaps..

and Ears..

and Nostrils..

*DiBBLeS walks into his office to see the Cleaning Lady bent awkwardly over
the computer desk typing furiously with a wide grin on her face*

After watching so many awful American Comedies lately..
I fear i may go Blind..

And in that event..
I'd like to prepare..

First off..

A Womans Voice is the most important factor.. with out a doubt.
A whiney, stringy, high pitched voice will drive me up the wall..
But a soothing, soulful throaty voice?


A Womans Smell is another Factor..
And i don't mean with Perfume.
Everyone has a unique smell..
Some Girl's smell simply devine..

And third..

A Womans Tounge..

In the event of my Sight remaning intact for the rest of my years..
These Three will remain my first priority.

The Next Three are a bonus..


Just Kidding..
THe Sea MoNKeY HaS My MoNeY
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