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To answer the question, the articles of clothing that make up my personal style are as followed:

- black dress pants, black pants, jeans that aren't boot cut, aren't skinny leg, aren't bell bottom, etc; they're just...normal. =P however, please not that i tend to wear black dress pants the most. they're my essential wardrobe item that i wear to almost any occasion...even school.

- i don't wear skirts 'cause i don't have nice legs. (my motto is to enhance what you do have. & camoflage what isn't the best in the world.)

- i'm a big fan on wearing jackets i guess you could say. =)

- i don't like to wear coats. they're WAY too bulky for me.

- i have a bunch of tops: some t-shirts, some sweaters, some normal tops; i dunno how to describe them; nothing over the top though. i'm not into wearing incredibly uncomfortable things just to boost my ego/make me look superficial. =P

- i like to wear heals a lot 'cause they make my legs look half decent. i'm 5'11, but i still wear heals to make my legs look some-what tonned/non chubby. =P

- as for my unmentionables, i don't feel comfortable posting on a public message board for millions of strangers to see. =P that's only for my bf to know. =)

- i don't wear accessories except these pair of earings that i got wayyyy back at my baptism when i was like...1 year old; don't ask. it's some kind of italian tradition to shower your kids with jewelery at every possible event 'til they're married. =P

- i rarely wear makeup unless i go out or i'm going through a month or 2 of experimenting with my personal style. (note to self: in march & april, i went through this phase. =P)

anyway. yes. that about sums up my personal style. =)
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