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Default A Gift

It was my birthday and i got a whole bunch of useless gifts !!!
one intresting person (my cousin :P) shipped me a dozen cd's (from UK) never opened them any except two of them. found them to be boot legged ones no cover art, no original seal

well im happy tough she remembered by birthday.. but original ones would have been better.. so.. im hanging around here with absolutely NO Clue of what the hell's being played to my ears :s

some of the labels are written with black markers contains the text:

- 30 anos anniversaries txitxarro
- summer promo sampler << whose summer whose sampler ?? (its winter here)
- Globalo Gathering
- Zencut

and a WHOLE bunch of crap CD's.. but one thing that i found out was that they were Trance (my favourite genre) which stopped me from throwing the cd's away.

i wished for originals and i got a bootlegged one.
anyways with the help of google i found something.. the 30 anos anniversaries txitxarro was Txitxarro's 30th Anniversary Mix (ofcourse trance) and Globalo Gathering was from Godskitchen's Global Gathering '05

hmm is there anyone here who can ID me the tracks from Txitxarro's Anniversary Disc ?? (Buy Only 1 Disc coz the 2nd disc is crap (dance+house))
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