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Default Last nights accident

Hey all

Thought i'd share this with you

It started with a night at the movies with a few friends, followed by a small cruise around the Botany area...
Had a good night and a few laughs with the boys until it was time to head home...

I approached a round about near my mates house. Looked left all clear , looked right all clear. I proceed thorugh the roundabout and as i was about to take the 2nd exit, i hear my mate (in the passanger seat) just scream out but it was to late . Some idiot on my left didnt see me and hit my the passanger door. The impact f***ed my left tire and all i could do was just break as i went crashing over 2 small islands finally to be stopped by the impact of hitting the gutter... after releasing what just happened and coming back to reality i could hear a very loud noise. looking at my rev display the damn needle was bouncing at 7,000 RPM without me having a foot on the accelirator or anything. First thing that crossed my mind was that the car was going to blow up.. my mate in the back seat was screaming to get out, we all jumped out and ran as fast as we could. after a few seconds the car exploded BOOOOMM lighting the night in flames !!! (well not really, i spiced that part up a bit ahaha ) .. realising the car wasnt goiong to blow up i went and turned my engine off, the car must of been boucning at 7,000 RPM for a good 30 second to a min.

The black Celica parked and the driver rushed out appolagetic , we exchanged details and i phoned the police...

My whole left side of the was totaled, front pannel was belted in, my tire was on an interesting angle that wasnt touching the road , door was belted in and the rear pannel had a shit load of scratctches and gashes on it.

I took the police 2 hours to make an appearance, they did the whole "cop" thing and asked 1 million questions...
i hadnt had any alchol in my system but the driver of the celica admitted to having "1 glass of wine" .. when he got breathalized he was just under the legal limit, at 0.038 i think and that was after 2 hours of waiting for the damn cops... Cops were very nice and helpfull even gave me a ride to my mates house. we didnt all fit in the back seat of the paddy wagon so we all jumped in the jail bit.

Anyway thank the heavens that everyone is safe and walked away without injury ....
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