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Originally Posted by quetzalcoatl
^weird, this site is not so much about "we never landed on the moon" but more like "the moon doesn't exist"... one email on that site was a little interesting as far as attributing a female deity to the moon so that women will continue to be subservient to men ( but other arguments don't hold up... like the physics argument

it goes, if the moon really exists, then why doesn't it fall on us? ... the site talks a little about gravity but neglects centripital force i.e. the moon IS CONSTANTLY falling!! but it's oribital velocity is such that it misses everytime (all the time)... thus, that is why things can stay in orbit (provided that they meet a required orbital velocity)

as far as the existence of the moon, i know that it's a purty thing to look at, to me it only exists as an image, i know what other people say about it, but my personal relationship with the moon is a visual one.. although thought provoking..

waitwait, so what did you want to imply about this 9/11 coverup??
The site was put together in order to demonstrate that you can pretty much argue anything using methods typically employed by those who cook up these conspiracy "theories" (which are not theories but hypothesis). If you read it through, a lot of it can make sense, to a point. It can get you thinking and questioning your own beliefs, even what is actually being said is flat out wrong and/or illogical. But, it seems the average person is incapable of identifying the logical fallacies and will suspend their own thought process believing them to be true because someone who looks official and says they know what they're talking about said so.

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