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Sorry, but IMO "Hybrid" and "Sports Car" should never be used in the same sentence. I mean seriously, if you're "holding out" on getting a sports car because it doesn't get good gas mileage than you don't deserve to own a sports car. A sports car isn't about being socially responsible, it's about knowing you're faster than almost anyone else on the road. Buying a sports car isn't looking for a car that's Eco-Friendly, it's about finding the car that you have the most fun in on the road/track.

I mean props to them for trying, but they're aiming at the wrong market. You can't make a fast car that's fuel efficient, it just doesn't work. You definitely can't modify a hybrid car like a normal one either that's for sure. But meh, maybe they'll invent something new that will make cars faster/lighter/etc. *shrugs*

Ohh did anyone else think that the brakes on this car were really small?
My car dumps fuel into the exhaust just for fun.
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