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Oh, don't get me started. It's always like this:

"What you listeing to?"

"Um, This is Your Night by Amber."

"What the he** is that?"

"Uh, it's just some techno." (I cringe when I say that word. It reminds me of close minded individuals I am constantly around.) or, I have to pretend I'm listening to a "cool" song to avoid being criticized. It's so stupid, acting socially acceptable in terms of music. I feel like another pathetic sheep.

They're all like, "that's all she listens to. She listens to techno." Then one day when I was humming a song to myself of the r n b genre, they were like,"how do you know that? I thought you only listened to Techno." It's so ridiculous. The only techno you are allowed to like around here is Cascada. Even that is pushing the weirdness scale.

In my area it's so dumb. Everybody's either into emo rock, rap, or classic rock and country. That is all you have here to pick from. >
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