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@euroMike: Yeah, you might say that, lots of pent up aggression. :P

@Tinkerbell: No, he's not a part of the boards, this is neutral venting territory, if ever he does read it it'll serve him very well, but I dobut he'll come across it.

@TYT: Same as above , Peter aint gonna be reading this, if he comes across it later in life maybe it will lend him a clearer view of the reflection he presents to others.

And to all, I know I know, by wrting something like the above I'm playing at his level, and rarely do I, but to put it into perspective, after I saw him last night I wnet home and settled in with some E, tunes and the like. Reflected upon his attitude, and as I was rolling along midstream it occurred to me to write, so I wrote what was on my mind. Couldn't move my legs too well, but my mind had clear intentions of being heard. And typically I'm such a happy bugger on the stuff. Takes a lot to get me into the state of mind to pull no punches, especially flying as I was.

And, for everybody!
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