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Default Its scattered, i know.

I live in a town where it is legal to carry concealed weapons... which honestly scares the shit out of me. First off, this is a college town, and in my opinion, a place where there are a lot of disgruntled, stressed, depressed, underpriviledged, and politically charged individuals. What better place to allow people to carry guns. Here is my point: so we can own a gun and carry a gun, but shooting someone is illegal. So clearly, as it seems that many people dont have compassion for other living things, and have no ability to control their anger, a law that 'discourages' murder clearly isnt enough to keep it from happening. Should we be able to carry guns? hell no. What is the point? 1. we dont need them on a daily basis, for sure. 2. No interaction requires a gun, for the majority of gun carriers.
So should cops have guns? no. do they really need them? well, maybe. If we abolish guns i guarantee, as weve seen with prohibition, there would be under the table gun sales, and then what, they get arrested? yea that wont solve anything. So an armless police force will not fair well. But i sure dont think we should be able to walk into wal-mart and buy guns. Maybe it should be controlled by like, the FBI and you have to go through a huge process to own one. Hunting? ok, lets lease guns - you have a background check and a signed contract defining what the gun is used for, where it will be used, and it has to be returned in 7 days. If not, were coming after you. haha. do hunters need guns all year round? hmm, none that i know.

If Rodney King had a gun, I'm sure those cops would have been blown away.
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