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Default Synth Noob

What better way to introduce myself than with a completely pathetic question that I desperate need help with ?

I recently bought my first synthesizer a few weeks ago, on an impulse. I've been wanting to make electronic music for years but never really read much about how it's done. And now, I've got no choice but to learn the ropes.

I bought a Roland Sh-201. Played with it for weeks and got familiar with all the presets & knobs. And now, it's time for me to finally hook it up to my pc. Thing is, I know nothing about this.

I installed the software, but now what ? I'm thinking of getting fruity loops (my friend has a copy) to start, but once I have the program, what exactly do I do to 'record' tracks onto the program ?

So in short : I've a synth, and fruity loops. What do I need to start laying tracks down ? I've got a USB cable, what else do I need ? what do I have to do on the PC itself to get it working ?

If I get desperate, would playing it out of an amp & recording with a mic work just as good ?

I feel so stupid : (

Thanks in advance to anyone who can lead me in the right path !
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