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Originally Posted by Deadly Groove
What you need to do is download the SH-201 Driver from this site. I'll have more info for you tomorrow. I don't have time tonight to break it all down. Try that first.
Plug the synth into your computer via midi. You should have the midi hook ups that go from the synthesizer into your sound card or to a USB hook up. Then you have to go into FL and configure your midi in and midi out. Once you have done that, you should have no problems operating the functions of FL from your hardware synth. You should also be able to export sounds from FL into your synth. It work both ways. I usually import my own sounds that I recorded, tweak them in FL with the VSTs (Not FL's VSTs) and the FL controller to change the sound even more. Then I export them into my Yamaha PSR-GX76. That way when I am writing everything in FL, I can also use those same sounds live.
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