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weight trained on and off or the past 6 years. Did Hiraido Ju-jitsu (my school's style of MMA) for a year before coming to japan. Was going to start up daido juku karate (which is striking and grappling) but for some odd reason got convinced to take up sumo while im out here. dont know if other countries consider it a martial art, but they do here. It's funny me being 5'8 195lbs i figure id be one of the smallest at my university, but ended up being one of the bigger guys. that was before i learned we are a c ranked school, meaning we are the small guys in japan ahaaha. anyways ever since i started sumo, my leg muscles have greatly increased and my flexibility is great! we also weight train a lot. though i do miss hitting the mat and getting someone in a nice triangle choke or gogoplata. planning on catching a k-1 fight sometime soon.
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