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Default We Killed Off Spirit!!!!

i say my title and i stick by it! remember when you guys was smaller, maybe going door to door for halloween treats, opening your SPECIAL gift on christmas day and it meant the world ( for me 2 years ago lol). it seems like there is no spirit in holidays anymore though, we get whatever we want and thanks to society it seems to be all GETTING IT NOW NOW NOW NOW
no patience from most people. I know i get like that myself sometimes.
But i mean, looking through the boxes in basement from old time christmas like when i was 5 or 6. I had little calendars with presents for each of the days until christmas. I notice this year its december 12, and all that matters is getting gifts, i relized that taking few minutes aside to think about it all. sort of sad in a way that we went from the meaning of christmas which was spending time with people, then it went to meaningful gifts, now its junk from a buck or two or china that will last us probably a weeks worth of entertainment before we throw it away or never see it again. I wonder if there is some way to make it uncommercial, to bring back good memories.
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