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Originally Posted by Dustwave View Post
Yes. They're trying to be realistic, but how realistic is a driving position floating a good distance behind the car? Even if they're not trying to be entirely realistic, i'll take cockpit view over anything else. Once you get used to driving in cockpit view in one game, you don't want to drive in any other view anymore, in any other game. It's the one thing that can really make a game feel more real, even though it's a game. It's the only camera view that makes sense! A racing game without cockpit view is not worth it to me, even if everything else is perfect.
Forza does have cockpit view, it just doesnt show the interior. You know, just the viewpoint as if a camera was mounted on the dash.
But I take bumper view every time.

And yeah I cant stand the behind-car view. Its such a noob view.
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