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Originally Posted by Thirst View Post
An interior view is good for authenticity, but that itself is a hinderance to the purity of racing, as anyone passionate about it would agree. Why do you think the fastest racers (formula cars) dont enclose the driver's head? The body of a conventional car obstructs spatial awareness.
Sure, but they're still inside the car, and they still see a dashboard (or whatever has to go for that) with the speedo etc...

Originally Posted by Thirst View Post
So why bring in this restraint if only for the sake of authenticity?
Authenticity is all it is about! Making it feel more real, immersing you in the game, that's what it's about! It's not about exploring the boundaries of what a game can do, we'v been there, and that's just not what people want. You don't want a shooter game in which you can't be killed, cause it's an obstruction of the ideal situation, either, do you?

Originally Posted by Thirst View Post
And if I used a wheel with cockpit view, the wheel animation not entirely reflecting my physical wheel movements would just annoy me.
Depends entirely on the game. In most it DOES match your physical wheel's movements exactly, and in many you can turn the onscreen wheel entirely so you only see your physical wheel. And even if it doesn't match the physical wheel's movements exactly, like the racing game i play most, TDU, it's not annoying at all to me. You're not looking at the wheel, you're looking at the road ahead
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