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Cloning should not be considered an option. Apart from being morally revolting, its just plain cheating. It doesnt advance anything. We need to overcome problems with raw technology and diversification, not churning out more of ourselves.
As for cloning humans to get spare parts, can we not fabricate and maintain certain organs in isolation yet?
If we're able to, or once we're able to, we could even develop custom organs for altogether diffrent purposes. For instance a biomechanical system to replace car engines, like loads of muscle tissue under the bonnet thats fed nutrients and oxygen by metal pumps and filtrations systems. If its only muscle tissue then special high-glucose fuel could be developed in place of normal blood. Lower emmisions, no strain on oil supplies, no risk of fire.
You'd have to sacrifice the internal combustion engine's purr for creepy squelching noises though...

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survivial of the fitest, there is a reason the extinct are extinct.
Thats true, even with the dinosaurs getting wiped out by a meteor. People say your argument falls down there but it doesnt. Its the dinosaurs fault they werent clever enough to design the forecasting and preservation systems to survive the meteor strike. Sounds stupid but its not, us humans are animals just the same as they are and yet we've evolved the intelligence to do exactly that. We've got telescopes and underground bunkers and the sense to preserve varieties of crops and plant species if a meteor strike were to happen.
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