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Originally Posted by omore001 View Post
I hope this isn't the bite in the ass you expected, lets talk about how "really tough" your last couple of months have been. I understand your going through some shit with your mom. That is not my place and I only wish for your family to be together and happy. It is unfortunate that the new man your mom met is such an *sshole, but the fact of the matter is, her ex was no better and she finally found some form of happiness. When you were with your ex and your mom was single and alone, you still would continue to fight with her.
My mom found a form of happiness and then kicked me out of my home which I have lived in for so many years because she started putting her BOYFRIEND above her own KIDS.

Do you have any idea what the **** it feels like to have your mother say "He's 21 years old ITS ABOUT TIME HE GETS THE **** OUT OF MY HOUSE".....

NO. YOu dont. Just so her ****in boyfriend could move in. You have no ****in right to say anything about this shit so kindly shut your ****in mouth.

Originally Posted by omore001 View Post
Now addressing your job, you quit because you chose to do so. I am still here with my sister and her husband trying to close the files that you left behind. I had to work a full shift this Saturday in order to be able to redo my 3 files as well as your files. We are all working very hard to try and prosper in this business. You "work so hard" that I have to close your own f*cking file because you didn't bother showing up to work the day of your closing..
First of all. It was MY file.... but Yami's client. If anyone had to have been at that closing it was Yami. But we know her situation and that was not possible. Second, I have NEVER done a closing in my life and was not aware that Brokers had to be at the closing.... acctually..... it wasnt even suppose to be done at the office it was suppose to be done at the title company....

THIRD, I ****IN APPOLOGIZED TO YOUR UNGRATEFUL ASS. I TOLD YOU I WAS SORRY FOR NOT GOING THE LAST TIME YOU BROUGHT IT UP AND THAT I KNOW FOR NEXT TIME TO GO AND LEARN HOW TO DO A CLOSING... because bottom line... I had NEVER done a closing and did not know what the hell the client was suppose to sign..... YOU however have done plenty of closings and knew exactly what you were doing and knew what to tell them.

Not to mention that I was there for the FIRST closing that never went through.....

Furthermore, AFTER i appologized to you the other day... you had the ****in nerve to make a stupid PRICK ass comment..... why dont you grow the **** up and learn to take an appology??

With no car and no money, I had to drive 35 miles away to my old job to pick up YOUR closing file, then I had to wait till 8 PM that same night to close your file. YOU GOT PAID $2K FOR A CLOSING YOU NEVER DID.
I got paid for a file that i proccessed and did all the leg work for. WOW CONGRADULATIONS.... YOU DID SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE.....thats the FIRST unselfish thing I have seen you do in god knows how long.

Oh... but wait..... i just remembered something..... if my file didnt close then YOUR files weren't going to close......

so it looks like there was some selfish intent in there after all......

I can't stress that enough. I never got a penny for the work I did on your file, and you knowing I'm broke, the least you could have done was offer me a $4 dollar lunch but I guess that would be too much to ask of someone as self-centered as you are.
All you did was tell the client to sign a few papers and you're flipping out over "all the work you did on my file"


Self-centered is what defines YOU. You talk shit about Jose when he does his tantrums but Ironically enough.... your tantrums are just as bad...

everyone knows it too..... you should take a look at yourself before you start judging other people......

You go and come to work as you pleased and if you were not told exactly what to do, you wouldn't do sh*t. Of course your job was going nowhere fast with the lack of interest you showed to your clients or to anyone who worked with you. Posting on your favorite forum all day and doing your school sh*t at the office is not going to help you close your files any faster.
I applaud you for your ability to distory reality so well.

How many times did you leave the office when ever you felt like it???? I lost count long ago....

Didn't you stop working for 2 weeks straight because you just felt like it????

As for posting on my favorite forum all day..... I dont even know why the hell you would bring that up..... especially since you're always posting on forums when we have downtime..... thats like the pot calling the kettle black.... it just makes no sense.....

I never did any "school" shit at the office.... other than that 1 time when I was basically waiting for your sister to finally call me over and tell me exactly what I needed to know. Unfortunatly there is only so many things your sister can do at once.

I'm sorry for everything that happened with your ex. It sucks that there were so many problems between you two but it is not the end of the world and moving on will be good for you.
You're not sorry. Thats the biggest crock of shit. You've made it a point to tell everyone to go on this forum to read what I've written......things that were ment for me to VENT my frustration.... not to HURT the people around me.

You were being a total prick to me for the past few days because you have all this freakin anger built up inside because no files are getting closed....... THAT IS NOT MY FAULT. I do what im told and I follow orders...... but you wanted to take it out on me because you had noone else to take it out on....

Bottom line, You disrespect me in the office in front of everyone. The only reason I didnt walk over to you and punch you in the ****in face is because I care too damn much about your sister to cause more stress on her with her health being as fragile as it is. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON.

This is by far, my favorite line you have posted. I hope I'm not one of the friends who you claim have "betrayed you". Your credit is not 100%, but it is not completely destroyed, unfortunately it has dimished because the person you made a deal with, my sister, who is slowly dying with ulcers that don't heal and cancer of the stomach, has not been able to bring in the income that she used to be able to. You were paid ($50K) for the deal you made and given a $15K down payment on your new car. You blew all your money rather quickly booking a family trip to Europe and blowing money with your ex. My own flesh and blood is dying by my side and all you can do is bitch about your credit being affected and bitching about money that is owed to you. Your not as good of a friend as I thought you were.
You are a friend who has betrayed me on several occasions. This last time when you disrespected me in front of everyone was the last drop that filled the cup.

I am very aware of your sisters condition. I only returned to work at the office when she told me she "needed my help", I have NEVER told your sister NO to anything. Anytime she has asked me to lend her credit or to HELP her in any way shape or form I have always SAID YES. I have not even hesitated to say Yes. Your sister knows I would do anything in my power to help her get through this shit. She knows that at the bottom of her heart because she even told me 15 minutes ago on the phone before I checked all this bullshit you have posted.

Also, I have never bitched about "money is that owed to me". Your sister recently took out a small loan under MY credit... and guess what... I DID NOT ASK HER FOR A DAMN THING.

You know what's extremely funny oreo?????

When I asked you If I should trust your sister in the very begining wheather I should lend her my credit to get her out of her problems with the house.... you told me NO. Her own brother who should want nothing but the best for his sister and to help her in anyway possible.

You're the ipitamy of a hypocite selfcentered CHILD.

And guess what??? I'm not the only one who thinks so.

But my preaching is falling on deaf ears so I'm going to end this discussion here. If you have anything you wish to speak to me about you can give me a call.

You think you have it bad? Step out of your self-centered life and take a look at others misfortunes. My credit is far worse than yours. My sister is dying while all your siblings and family are as healthy as can be. My entire family is negative in our accounts and there are almost 3 months of bills piled up at my house. While your mom and your dad both have paying jobs and they can maintain their expenses. You have the ability to go to school, while I can't because I don't have anyone who can lend me the money to go to school. I have had to take an initiative and try to make money to get my family out of the slump that we're in. Unfortunately that meant putting my prioritie (school) second to the financial and physical survival of my family. I am no fortune teller, but I can guarentee that you are a sh*tload more fortunate at this point than many of us.
You think I don't know that???? You think I don't ****in love your family???? I'm practically part of your family! you think i dont want the best for you and your family?????????

Actions speak louder than words...... and If I didnt give a **** I would've stopped working in that office MONTHS ago when I was practically down to the last dollar.

Do us all a favor and stop crying about how bad you think you have it when you really don't have it that bad at all. It could be a lot worse, you are just too closed minded to see that.
I am very aware it could be worse. Matter of fact it could be a lot worse for you and YOUR family.

The only reason I posted this stuff on the forum was because I NEEDED TO VENT.


But you've made it a point to show what you're little investigation has turned up to everyone that I care about.

I mean what the **** were you thinking when you started running you're mouth about in me front of everyone???

Did you expect me to take it lightly?? You didnt even accept my appology when I gave it to you. That's ****in pathetic. You clearly want someone to hate.

Hate away......

Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
^^^Oh my ****ing god PWN3D. Good game. no reply.

You should've had a little more patience.
“Free will is an illusion. People always choose the perceived path of greatest pleasure.” - Scott Adams

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