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holy hell wtf was that all about...wheres Tink and her frozen trout?

First off im assuming your a mortgage broker..the broker doesnt have to be at the loan closing and doesnt do the closing..yes its good if your there incase the deal blows up at the table. but the title company/attorneys do the closing and tell the people where to sign. kinda sounds like you were working for a chop shop so good choice getting out of there. doesnt sound like they know how to run the business and if the brokers are the loan closers theres some serious legal issues there.

now to intentionally sign up to a forum to bash someone who was just venting thru text which can be taken different ways is just astonishing. im pretty sure we have phones nowadays...

Exit: buddy almost everyone goes thru this walk in life. my life is like willey coyote with the grey cloud always following me around..and you know its bad when your own grandmother makes the assumption. but you gotta stop looking for the silver lining. it'll happen when it happens. even a blind squirel kind find a nut.

I was 20 when my mom told me it was time that i moved out..honestly the best thing in my life..had a blast. my mom and i went thru a rough patch during that time but now we have the best relationship, better then before. so give it time.

having "friends" betray you and breaking up with girlfriends is all part of life. i was just in a 3 1/2 year relationship that i probably shouldve never been in. found out soooooo many lies that she told me. and i left my friends and family to move closer to her 3 hours away..and you know what? the way i look at is if i didnt go out with her and move i wouldnt have the two largest Brokerage Firms/Banks on my resume and i wouldnt of met my new girlfriend who makes me happier than anything even with all the grey clouds.

Find things that make you happy even when doing by yourself..dude think of this way Winter Music Confenrence is coming yourway in about month a half..go have a people from across the country and globe. and i know your gonna start mixing soon as soon as you get a mixer..i always jump on the turntables when im having a diffucult time. get lost in the music

alright well im exhausted been studing for my series 7 so pretty burnt out right now..all is not lost and theres only one way from here and thats up


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