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Originally Posted by Tranced Yüriy View Post

Hello guys, i am new here as you see hehe and i am interested in hearing your favorite vocal trance songs, or mixes. One of my favorites is by

Armin Van Buuren-I Found You

Armins "A State Of Trance 2004" cd i think had the biggest effect on me that cd didint come out of my car and ipod for ages <3.

The first electronic/trance cd I ever bought was Armin Van Buuren's ASOT 2004. I didn't know a single thing about electronic music and got lucky randomly picking ASOT 2004. Just like you, the cd had a huugge effect on my musical tastes and me as a person. Four years later I am still listening to that album along with the many other new genres, artists, and albums I have discovered.

Oh and I'm new too! Welcome to the forums .
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