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Default incompatibility

I am trying to get the Audioscrobbler plug-in (v. 1.1.11) to read tags from AAC format streams originating from

The plug-in config screen says Playback State: Playing (Invalid - Cannot read file tag) [-1]

Any idea why? Think it's the plug-in? Or is the tags/streams here? Winamp picks up the file info just fine, so I would think it would be able to convey the data to the plugin, or the plug-in could get the info from Winamp, or however it all works.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

P.S. - DI is the best internet radio around!


I would post at, but they claim they won't support third-party plug-ins, only their player. Which I don't use. So I thought I'd try here, just in case anyone knows much about and their Audioscrobbler plug-in.

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