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Originally Posted by howzer View Post
lol, I have used both types, software, and analog. The only thing that I hate about software is that I can not play with the EQs like I can on a real mixer. How many times has anyone with software mixing (I know your out there) wanted to dive in to a mix and cut this and cut that and drop the bass here and add a high there all at the same time live. Both hands on different knobs turning at the same time.

You cant do that with theses mix software's out there because there is only one mouse, and not two. Its just not the same as mixing live. You loose a lot of features that you can only do analog, and I refuse to get a feel for a mouse that is always different to the touch. I want my mixer back !!!!
It's called midi-controllers, and you can map them to software (if the software supports it) to be able to control most (if not all) the parameters on the software.

Originally Posted by howzer View Post
I wish they could invent some type of software that I could run thro my mixer. If I had cd js I could use my old mixer but I don't have the money. Thinking about using two different computers so I can run it thro my mixer, but I have never found a good simulator for the turntable or a cd j that you can really fine tune the pitch live.
There's Serato Scratch Live, VirtualDJ, Traktor, MixVibes, and my personal favorite: Ableton Live (cuz I can't beatmatch lolwut?).

I have an m-audio oxygen49 keyboard hooked up to ableton (purchased it based on this forum's outlook on it) and mapped with various macro controls and faders when I'm producing or 're-editing' a track, and my djm-800 when I'm mixing. I used to play on CDJ-800mk2s/1000mk3s, and now I'm finding myself just sitting w/Ableton Live for the most part.
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