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I use winamp on my personal computer and laptop and it's great. At work, if I install it, the security guys will get on my case. I'll just have to live with the 40k bitrate. Maybe one day DI will decide to use a format on the Hard Dance Channel that RealPlayer can use.
My guess is that Winamp would not solve your issue anyway. The reason some channels work and some do not is that some channels stream 96k MP3 on TCP Port 80 and some do not. The company firewall probably blocks most non-Port-80 connections to help contain the spread of worms. In such case, nothing that your choice of player could do anything about.

Now keep in mind that 40k bitrate is for 9 Series WMA. This is an over-a-generation-newer codec than MP3 so the quality is actually almost as good as 96k MP3. With music compression, not all bits are created equal!
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