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30 minute mix
~192kbs mp3
Free For All : any genre, any medium, no themes (unless you choose to have one)

Again the point is to try something new so that your fellow DIers wont be able to recognize your mix.
This contest wont be scored in the same way all the previous comps were, because this particular contest is not about who made a better mix. It's about who can convince everyone that someone else made this mix. During the official thread I will give out a list of participating DJs.
All the listeners/DJs will vore on who they think made the mix in the following fashion:
dj1 - dj name
dj2 - dj name
dj3 - dj name
dj4 - dj name

Every time someone guesses the dj correctly, that particular mix will be given a point, mix with the least amount of points wins.

All participats, DJs and any people tuning in, will vote via PM to me as to not give any hints about the mixes. I will post those in the thread at the end of the competition.

Is this clear or does it sound like gibberish?
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