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Originally Posted by t r a n c e . o h m View Post
There we go it's finally going! Not exactly sure what the problem was, but I'm not complaining about these results. Your advice really helped. Thanks bud, I owe you a pint (but just one because I'm kinda broke right now)
well, simple really.. after looking at the Gateway address, that tells you where your network is located, as far as IP numbers. The DHCP service on the router leases out IP addresses, so since I know what the numbers for the network are, you can pick and choose, and configure a manual IP address to use, which is what I told you to do.
Glad I fixed your problem.. currently taking Windows Server 2003 classes and a few other Networking and Hardware/Maintenance classes.... only a semester left and ill have my Network Admin degree.
PM me if something comes up.
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