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Originally Posted by Garbs View Post
Hey guys I'm pretty busy over this christmas, revising for January exams (I have a 3 hour exam on the 5th of Jan) but I'm going to allow myself one, maybe two games to play over christmas.

Only platforms I have are PC and PS3 which gives me access to lots of games though. Games that I've heard big things about (I've been living in a 'bubble' for the last 10 weeks as I'm on a Campus Uni):

Fallout 3
Left 4 Dead

That's all I can think of that are out now.

Any suggestions?
Umm, can you be more specific? I'm guessing you like shooters as Left 4 Dead is their, and the only natural "new" competitor this year is Call of Duty: World at War (if you wanted one for PS3). If you liked Fallout as an RPG, their isn't much new their either that I can think of, except for maybe the new Fable. Any other games you prefer or more importantly genres will help a lot.

Also on a side note, as you live in the UK, release dates and sometimes even the games are different based on the region, so make sure you double check your version is more or less the same thing.
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