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Originally Posted by Dustwave View Post
If i knew i'd tell ya
I work for an IT's a little vague what i actually do there. My job title says Super Mario (yeah seriously). Which translates to team leader/manager...i tell my team what to do and try to help solve problems/questions/whatever they might have. Though most of the time we're just pulling pranks on eachother

Mercedes? How about this?

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition...ready to kick some ass at Zandvoort.
wow, assuming that position, let me gues your age your old? lol.
your job reminds me of my job i used to have at Dominos Pizza, we would always mess around with the customers on the phones. and lock people in the freezer. lol. manager did the same thing to

that car looks nice, but why not just a McClaren GTR instead.

i would have to buy it with the retirement money or win the lottery to buy that. lol.

but a Mercedes CL 600, SL65 AMG (Bi-Turbo 6-litre V12), or a Brabus Mercedes-Benz SLR 2005 would do me good, or if i want something cheap an accura RSX would do.
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