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Originally Posted by Aldaris View Post
Here are the reasons why I hate my life.

I hate my pale skin
I hate my big nose
I hate my freckles
I hate my puffy eyes
I hate my sensitive eyes
I hate my semi-pointy ears
I hate my nappy hair
I hate my severe dry skin
I hate my severe chapped lips
I hate my never achieving goal to gain weight
I hate how I love this girl, yet I screwed things up with her
I hate my poor attitude
I hate my angry attitude
I hate my willingness to fail
I hate my uncomfortable body
I hate my jittery body

I just hate my life. I hate being so damn jittery. I hate being so damn ugly. These are things that I cannot control.
That's a big list of nothing, none of this is important. My lips are hella chappy right now. I need to lose weight if anything. My hair is kinda greasey. Big dumbo ears and an oversize head. I think I too have jittery body. And I certainly ****ed up in love more then once. But all of this is life. And real life is not perfect or glamorous. What you need is a job and a hobby (notice I didn't say 'or') to occupy you while you grown out of this.
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