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I don't have the warranty receipt for one unit (the one that failed) because I bought it from a laptop DJ that just bought it as a midi controller but didn't want it after all because he needed the money, it was still brand new & boxed sealed. But I didn't get his previous receipt & without it I cant get the warranty to take effect.

I have the receipt & warranty for my other unit hence why I'm not quite yet going to mod them both.

But I'm not going to pay some monkey 80.00 Labour charges just to fix the CDJ when I can do it myself for nothing.

It really is a piece of p*ss to repair them Pioneer CDJs its just like upgrading a PC its all modular inside. A technician wanted me to pay to replace the whole front PCB assembly the blown LED was on all for a 1 LED. He would likely of just done what I did, replaced the LED & took my money for the new whole board too I bet you.

Plumbers & roofers do that all the while they put your old roof tiles back & charge you for it While plumbers tell you they have to replace an important part that cost 100 of your money then they take your old one off strip it then put it back on again .

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