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Default the most popular band

today i was looking by internet, like usually haha, and i went to vimeo, that website that is like youtube. so there i found this video, interesting i think. its about a survey to know who is the most popular band. you know there are many polls that say who is the best? or like that, but this one is to know who is more popular. also there are 2 videos, one in english and another in spanish, because they say that they want to make it really global, and i agree with that. and for the last, it belongs to a website interesting too i think, (is in english, spanish and chinese haha) and if you vote they can make advertising for you. so good i think, you know is not easy to find cheap advertising or even free in these days. so well, nothing else, after all i have a blog, no a website haha. but you can take a look by yourself.

the video in english
the website, but it say in in the video aniway

(maybe i have to work as a promoter of websites, can i get money with that? haha)
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