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I would prefer to live in your country if all u have to worry about is feeling emptiness. Now I don't mean that to sound bad, but I come from Northern Ireland which was in bad shape for 30+ years. It seems to be improving until you hear every other evening that someone has ben stabbed to death or shot, mugged, raped, burgled.

This country isn't the best, we're supposed to be part of Great Britain, but it only seems we are when it suits the rest of Britain, the rest of the time we're Irish...

Is cost of living cheap in Sweden, and is there many jobs.. It's a country have always wanted to visit...

Don't get me wrong, I love our wee country when things are going ok, I love parts of our history (not the violence but the natural stuff) and I love our landmarks etc, but we have to brace ourselves yet again, as the 12th of July is nearly upon us, and yet again, no doubt there will be riots all over the place, just like always.
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