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Originally Posted by P3ngy View Post
ugh... so I am living in italy for the summer (which is amazing!) but I have this internship with a media company and its so pointless! my boss comes in at 10am and leaves at 1 and assigns me work rarely, so most of the time I am just sitting here on DI (which is good) but i am doing nothing! and it is a unpaid! Also I am in the office from 9am till 6pm literally doing nothing, I am so bored! the only good thing coming out of this job is that fact that i can put it on my resume...

has anyone else experienced pointless or stupid internships or jobs?
Maybe you can ask your boss if there's something for you to do? Otherwise the whole purpose of internship is gone which sucks because it's a great opportunity to learn and get experience.

I had a job like that and one day I couldn't stand it anymore so I simply said to my boss that I never learned anything and that there has to be something for me to do. I quit the same day because he didn't care.
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