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Originally Posted by Firebug View Post
The Watchmen - 2/10

Seriously, when my brother pauses it a bit over half an hour into it and asks me what the story line is, and I have no clue at all, that is a seriously bad sign. This movie gets 1 point for being so screwed up, and 1 point for Christopher Meloni being in it (Law & Order SVU and Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle). I hope to never see it again.
no way dude, watchmen is the best comic book adaptation I have seen to date. Read the book too. It's nothing short of a masterpiece. 2nd best comic book adaptation is hell boy imo.

I think I know where you went wrong though. You were trying to wrap your head around the plot without understanding what's important here.The book or the movie for that matter is about psychology of a masked crusader first, plot second... in fact you wont even understand the plot fully without understanding the background and psychology of each character. Understand that the movie follows the book almost word for word, minus few omission because of time constraints... and the book... well lets just say it was not an easy ready... but in the end more gratifying then anything I've read in a very long time.
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