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^ Thanks bro. I'm a glass half full kinda guy and can handle a lot hypocrisy and irony. I just wish that some others would have more commence sense for their own well being. Anyways, the old man's getting old and feeble... sooner or later he'll lose the strength to be a dick.

Edit: May dad's a lot older than me 'cause he had me late. Dude was "the best looking guy" in town but he was a lot older than my mom when they met. The dumbass gave a mutual friend a 10+ yr old photo of him to show to my mom; my mom got excited and agreed to go out with him. Till this day she won't stop mentioning how pissed off she got when she first saw my dad (who was balding at the time) and realized that he had tricked her (lucky for me, I have my dad's face but my mom's hair).
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