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I realize you have all got jobs, and you do a fine job for us as well,,,but
I do take a bit of an exception to this statement 'this is not a hard concept to
understand' I was told the procedure on this site was that you did not get the t/l
until after the show, this was what I found hard to understand, especially when the
Dj's are on the site and they take part in the discussions and give you one track at
a time, they are here but you still have to wait, so I'm afraid that there is still
something a bit strange.

I thought the idea from Glassball was a brilliant one, message it to one of the members
that always attend then they could include it in their posts, as I have done a few times
in the past when the set has been played on other sites, which was not always accepted
by some Dj's who thought, obviously mistakenly that the t/l had to be included at the end of
the set.
I am certainly available to post up any track list if you want, that would be no problem
for me.
Anyway sorry for causing any problem, I just need the t/l to help me through the set, thats
why I normally try and hear the set twice, so I can see what tracks I really like(their titles)
which helps me buy the ones I really really like.
Fav's - Decibelle, Granddaddy dj
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