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One can fit into all sorts of aspects of life perfectly fine without being physically attractive. However, love is always stated as the high card. Job, money whatever, those don't matter as much as love. It's amazing how people who get to be in relationships just don't understand this. Not being able to be loved = not being able to be happy. Now I'm not saying it starts instantly, but as you push past a decade, and you continue on for years after that... can you seriously tell me you could be happy if you got rejected for a good 12 and a half years straight? Would it be possible to not see yourself as ugly?

Ok, so lets say you got into the college program that is your top choice of anything at any school, and lets say your future looked really good in that career. Lets say you have tons of friends and family that cares about you. Is this going to make you happy about your life, when you can't be loved?

While I do understand there is a major difference between professional and personal life, the fact remains that you can have tons of money and being doing the exact job you want to do, but if you don't have love, you have crap all. So I think the romantic stuff is a necessary link between a person and happiness.
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