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Originally Posted by Bubble Wrap View Post
you have to stop thinking like that, its poison to your livelyhood
you don't really know its 99.9% ineveitable
thats your pessimism talking.
think about your past relationships, and really analyze why you were rejected, and if you would be better off or not(it may not be what you think). I hope you're learning from your failures and changing your approach at every oppurtunity. Another thing try to date girls in your league. if your a six and their a nine of course they ll reject you, because they know they can get something better, and i'm sure you would reject a three knowing you can get a least a six.

theres a radiohead lyric which can be applied in a positive or negative way
"just cuz you feel it, doesnt mean its there"

to be optimisitc, one must also be courageous
you think its easy for me to think this way when i'm always surrounded by pessimistic people
It can be tiring at times, but i can sleep better knowing people can view a more colorful world through my eyes
While there is a lot of good points here, I am not willing to lower my standards. Of course it would help me if I did, but on the other hand, I wouldn't be being who I am, but rather I would be being someone else. For the record though in all honesty, even though my mind tells me I am ugly, I'd really put myself at about an 8. I'm not God's gift to women or anything, but I ain't low on the scale. To continue with my honesty, I really think it is my attitude itself. I am pessimistic as you have likely long since noticed.

My optimism tells me I am great with women, but my pessimism looks at the past few years where I haven't trusted women any more than I would trust a rapist. This is my fundamental flaw in any approach I make towards women. At the drop of the hat I become bipolar in this exact area, and they notice it. It isn't me who is ugly, but rather my attitude. But it is still hard to not feel ugly.
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