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Originally posted by retrodrive
Are you guys talking about the Alpha that got leaked or is there an official Alpha released by ID?
only the e3 leaked alpha is out.

apathyangel, you can say that it looks better to you, but thats only because of the rendered images. i cant wait until a game is built on the d3 engine similar to the fps of hl/cs so that you say 'WOW, this is the best game EVER' because i know you will.. we all will. this whole scenario is similar to tribes2... an amazing game, but brought out a little too early where everyone got 20 fps so it was really hard to play competitively. by the time d3 is out, enough people will have good enough pc's, just like the release of q3. they know what they are doing, dont worry

ps im a lil drunk from watching the sens game at local heroes, so if anything i say doesnt make sense, leave me alone! GO SENS GO
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