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Let me start by saying that i have worked with dozens and dozens of systems like this, have designed and implemented networks to support such systems, my education was focussed on exactly that, heck, i've implemented systems in several schools not very different from yours. So i do happen to know a few things about such systems and what it takes to run them. It's essentially nothing more than a client/server setup, which has been tried and tested for decades by MILLIONS of companies, organisations and even home users. If it's true what you're saying the blame goes ENTIRELY to the f*cktards that were hired as IT staff, not even a fraction of it to the technology.

You say they are running optical? To where? From where? Internally? Or the line running out of the building into the world wide webzz? Cause the latter doesn't matter, i assume the server is in the building itself. (If it isn't, shoot the idiot who came up with that). Since they are using a system like this i assume they had a fair budget, which i assume has lead to a decent, if not pretty good, network. On a network like that the only reason i can see for it taking that long to load would be vastly underpowered clients or servers. In which case, the idiot who came up with it needs to be shot again. But since they apparently had a fair budget i wouldn't expect that. Now the other option is that the network itself is not working as it should. To the degree where i would expect to find network cables unplugged. And again the idiot who is responsible for that needs to be shot. Really, whichever way you turn this, if that system isn't working, blame the IT staff (if you can call them that). Not the technology.
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