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Originally Posted by HudsonHawk View Post
That has nothing to do with what I said. I play digital as well.
And on the contrary to what you said, a lot of singles/EPs were and still are being released on vinyl/cd/digital. Certainly true for house & techno and I imagine any other electronic genre is not different, except noise maybe.

Outside of electronic music preferred way of distribution is artist CDs/LPs (those are distributed digitally as well via Itunes and what not)... so I don't see how my proposal impedes a lot of people from participating. Maybe only XYZ

Alas, I understand that in order to level the playing field we must go against the spirit of this competition, so I withdraw my proposal.

from the way you formulated that proposal it sounded to me like whatever track someone chooses must be released in both vinyl and digital, maybe i misunderstood

releases in both vinyl and digital certainly does not apply to trance/progressive for many years now, they only come in digital, maybe with very very few exceptions once in a blue moon

as for CD/LP i had no objection to that

Originally Posted by Firebug View Post

So I'd also have to disagree with t4e's comment about not much in both digital and vinyl, since there is more than plenty out there.
maybe there is in the genres you mix, not for what i mix
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