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i still think people should post openly. Becuase say somones wrong, but someoen else hears that song thats similar, they then might beable to figure out the track because something reminds them or something like that.

I do liek the idea of giving a person who ID's a certain song a point. It can still allow random people to participate. I think by giving points like someone said, it will bring in more people to try and listen to the Sets.

I would be willing to do the first set.

but yeh once again heres the rules

5 tracks

Any format

Must be an official viny/cd/mp3 release (no tracks from people who psot their tracks for free on websites, it must have a release. you can verify this by going to or any digital site you DLed it from like beatport and such.)

3 days to guess (or 4 if we get only a couple of participants)

Person with least amount of points wins

Points system goes like this.

Artists name = 1/3 point (if theres a track with two or more artists you have to name both like Kyau & albert, or Tyas and patterson. Also if its a song where its like " Menno De Jong Pres. Sayla. If you guess Menno De Jong or Sayla you get it right. This applies to remixes as well. If there like Artis - song name (Arizona Vs Passiva Remix) you have to say Arizona vs Passiva remix not Arizona remix or Passive Remix)

Track name = 1/3 point

Mix name = 1/3 point (if its original mix, you must put original mix. This is only fair way to resolve the issue if its a remix or not. Like i said above you have to say both artist names if theres two of them who remixed the track ex - (Kyau & albert remix)


????? - jumping jack (Paul Remix) the person who made the set will have 2/3 points.

Paul Van Dyke - ??????? (Original mix) again the person will have 2/3 points.

If we do this. i Can post a mix up on sunday a 12:01 am, then guessing will be done at Tuesday 11:59 pm. Then next person will put their set up at Wednesday 12:01 am and guessing will end at Friday 11:59 PM and so on
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