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I am a Cavaliers fan sadly. It's a good thing I didn't see this thread anytime around game 7 or else it would be incomprehensible. I'll try to sum up how I felt from a Clevelander's perspective.

1. I was in shock when we lost. Total shock. It was complete bullshit! I mean hell, we got Shaq just for the SOLE REASON to play against Dwight Howard, and we lost before even getting there. Letting one slide in Boston is what I was expecting, but not blowouts.

2. Lebron was fine in the beginning of the series, then the shit hit the fan somehow. As for excuses, I've heard things that range from Lebron just hating Cleveland, to his elbow hurting, to Lebron blowing the games because he found out that Delonte West has been bangin' his mom (look it up on google, it's probably bull but hey, it's funny). I wish I could believe that it was his elbow, but it's just not that believable.

3. What I don't understand is how we made it to the Finals when we were at our worst (that is, the worst team that we have had centered around Lebron). We had so many weapons this year, so much depth with Shaq, Varejao, Jamison (who played phenomenal), Z, Lebron, Mo', Parker, etc. We were stacked, won 60+ games in the season, then choked against one of the teams I hate the most! The whole series was bullshit but hey, I've been a Cleveland fan all my life, so I'm used to it. The Browns, Cavs, and Indians don't do very well in high stakes games. If Lebron leaves then, just like any other Cleveland fan, I will be stuck with false hopes that there will always be next year.
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