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^ !

Originally Posted by DjJuanTwo View Post
Niiice 303 State! You should ask her out sometime, man!
That never crossed my mind. I just thought it was wierd how much stuff I got. I can't even remember what she looked like - I know she wasn't good looking though.

Originally Posted by Dustwave View Post
Excuse my perverted mind, but damn! A foot!
My perverted mind was aware of the potential for innuendo, but I think you only registered about a 1 on the perverted scale.
You're excused.
[x] Must try harder

Originally Posted by too-far View Post
pow pow, just had my last day at work.
thats 3 companies in 3 years....makes me wonder if plumbing is really my thing
I can imagine the relief I'd have if I quit work.
Offices give me brain pain.

Oh yeah, Last !!
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